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Writer, Historian, Teacher

Jon T Coleman



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Nature Shock

The human species has a unique propensity for getting lost. The American people are no exception. 


Here Lies Hugh Glass

The true story behind The Revenant. The book takes on the myth of a man made famous by nearly being eaten by a bear. “If I am ever bitten by a bear, left for dead, forced to crawl home, and then cannibalized by nineteenth-century writers, I hope that Jon T. Coleman writes about me.” Historian Anne Farrar Hyde, Journal of American History


Why did Americans slaughter wolves for centuries and why did they change their minds? ​"Vicious is a wicked good read." Historian Andrew Kirk, Montana: The Magazine of Western History.

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The American West​ w/John Mack Faragher and Robert V. Hine
A revised edition of the history of the American West. "This is no ordinary textbook." Historian James E. Crisp, author of Sleuthing the Alamo

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